During the process of its development „Elit Stroy 6” Single Member LTD realizes flexible market behavior, answering adequately to the changing conditions. The company manages successfully to combine this advantage with the public engagement for social responsibility, observing the principles of ecological behavior and high standards for quality.

Guaranteeing qualitative realization and observing of proper terms as per carrying out of the assigned projects our company is specialized in the following directions: repair activities, high construction, interior repairs, landscapings, interior design, infrastructure projects and state administrations.

The company carries out all types of overhauls and partial repairs of residential and public buildings and others. At the construction-repair activities „Elit Stroy 6” Single Member LTD works as per building of new projects of industrial and communal-public character, restoring, reinforcement and refurbishing of building constructions, buildings and facilities, and as well as overhauls and current repairs of buildings and facilities. We are a correct partner at the execution of public orders, connected with the above-listed activities.

The good knowledge of the innovations at the construction technologies and materials give us an opportunity to provide maximum efficiency and long expiration date of the residential and public buildings, carried out by us.